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Companies demand quick and accurate operation with database structures. Often you have to spend a huge sum of money on the software just to find out that this sum redoubles because you have to install additional software on the client side or buy licenses for your end users, and even triples because you have to also spend money on staff training. Trying to help developers to make their work less money and time consuming, Perpetuum Software LLC offers a new .NET component - SQL Schema Sync API for database structure synchronization. The product is not an application, but a component which is integrated directly into your program. This means that you won't have to install any additional software on the client side. Moreover, once purchased, the license allows you to distribute the product within your applications without any additional fees. SQL Schema Sync API is extremely easy-to- use. The Intuitive visual tool allows the snapshotting of DB structure, and comparison of databases and their synchronization. The work of the visual tool in the wizard mode provides a user-friendly interface which allows quick saving of DB snapshots and synchronization. Thus, you save money on the licenses for your end users, staff training and obtain a powerful component with a set of advanced features. The SQL Schema Sync API allows you to compare database structures, to easily update them, use data refactoring and specify exact objects to be synchronized. The product is an essential solution for the projects where database structure is completely defined by business objects structure. A designed procedure, forming database structure as an objects graph based on metadata and business objects of your application subject to your task specific and used mapping tools, will solve the problem of database synchronization once for all. SQL Schema Sync API is developed for SQL Server 2008 and works with applications of any type: WinForms, WebForms, console, WPF, etc.

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